Facebook Preparing ‘Moments’ Private Sharing App For Just Close Friends And Family

Although Facebook hasn’t made any official comments about a new app, reports are surfacing that an app, codenamed Moments, make break cover soon. If these reports are accurate, the app will be meant to give users a better tool for sharing messages with specific groups of people privately. That’s a feature that both Facebook and Google+ have been working to achieve with mixed results.

Facebook may be prepping an app meant to help users share messages with close friends or family. The app is codenamed Moments.

The Moments app, if it comes to pass, is expected to provide a visual representation of different groups in your life (it’s probably a safe bet that you’ll be able to customize the groups) so you can, say, share a photo of your sister’s birthday part with family and then send your friends a different message. The idea is that the app will give you an easy way to make sure your messages are going to only the people you want to have reading them.

Of course, Facebook already has Facebook Groups, but some users don’t take advantage of them. An app like Moments might make it easier for people to safely send content to certain groups without inadvertently exposing content to everyone on their Friends list.