Facebook Names Ex-Mozilla VP Mike Schroeper, SVP of Engineering To CTO

If you had any concerns that Facebook would begin to rest on its laurels after becoming a public company, let those concerns be put to rest. The company has just announced the hiring of a new Chief Technology Officer -- obviously an extraordinarily important role in a tech-driven outfit. Mike Schroepfer is the man taking the role, but the interesting twist is where he's coming from. He's actually an ex-Mozilla employee, so he knows a thing or two about coding, the Web, the cloud, and how people interact on the Internet. Facebook is actually replacing two interim CTOs (Cory Ondrejka and Mike Vernal), but it's unclear what roles those two will fall into.

Photo: Joi Ito/Flickr

Prior to this position, Schroepfer was the VP of engineering at Mozilla (the company responsible for Firefox, among other things), and he did time at Sun Microsystems' prior to that.

As of now, what exactly Schroepfer will be doing during his first days of CTO has yet to be revealed, but expect those technical aspects of Facebook to take top priority in the post-redesign era of this year.