Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Temporarily Share Your Location With Friends

We all have that one friend that couldn't give directions to save their lives. "Turn right at that pink house. No, not that pink house; the other one!" Thankfully, Facebook is eager to help us out with this sort of predicament, and it is enlisting Messenger to aid in the effort.

With an update that should be available for everyone to download right now, Facebook is allowing Messenger users to temporarily share their location with one friend, or a group of friends. By default, the location will be shared for 60 minutes. If you decide to stop sharing, you can do so immediately. Let's be thankful Facebook didn't enable this option permanently if someone forgot to turn it off.

Facebook Live Location

This feature goes beyond the simple sharing of location data, however. Once you've established where your friend is, the app will tell you how long it'd take you to get there by car. It doesn't seem that it can tell you how far it'd be to walk, so hopefully that will be added at some point in the future.

To make use of the feature, you'll need to tap the location icon inside of a chat (you may need to tap the "More" ellipsis to see the option). After tapping the location option, you can tap a blue bar that offers to share your "Live Location". From there, the recipient will be given the important details for one hour, and be able to easily find their way to you, regardless of how many pink houses are found en route.