Facebook Lite For Android Trims Bloat, Weighs In At Just 252KB

Facebook overhauled its Android app for emerging markets last year, but even the slimmed-downed version might give some smartphones a run for their money. Enter Facebook Lite for Android, an app that promises to work “in all network conditions.” The app appears to be targeted primarily at Southeast Asia, Africa, and emerging markets, in which many smartphones are inexpensive and underpowered. With that said, the app should work fine on Android smartphones in the U.S., so if your phone has been struggling with the standard Facebook app, the Lite version might be just what you need. 

Facebook Lite is easy on smartphones that use Android. Facebook Lite is available for Android.

The app is surprisingly light, at only 252KB, and is designed to create minimal drag on system resources. Facebook says it designed the app specifically for 2G networks and locations that have connectivity uptime issues.

Fabook Lite is for low-end phones.

Going Lite doesn’t mean giving up the features that make Facebook popular, though. It supports update- and photo sharing and keeps you up-to-date on what’s going on with your friends. The app also supports messages and group conversations. User ratings on the Play Store have been overwhelmingly positive so far, with 683 of 747 users rating the app at 4 stars or higher.

Facebook Lite comes just after Facebook announced the launch of its Internet.org app in Ghana. The app provides several tools and services to users in emerging markets like Kenya and Zambia.