Facebook Lets You Keyword Search Friends' Posts

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that it should have implemented a long time ago -- a dislike button! Just kidding, that's probably never going to happen, no matter how many inane posts flood the world's largest social playground. However, in lieu of a thumbs down icon, Mark Zuckerberg and the gang are updating the Facebook Search feature to scan posts that have been shared with you.

"If you want to search using phrases like 'My friends who live in New York,' you still can. Your search results are personalized and unique to you and, as always, you can only see things that have been shared with you," Tom Stocky, Facebook's VP of Search, stated in a blog post.

Facebook Search

Facebook is essentially answering the call from its users who have wanted a quick and easy way to find posts they've seen before or dig up a photo or video. You can also look up an article you may have scrolled over and didn't have time to read in the moment.

If search isn't working as expected for you, hang tight for a bit. The updated search functionality is rolling out this week in the U.S. on iPhone and desktop. Interestingly, Stocky makes no mention of Android, even those these "updates were designed for mobile."