Facebook Launching An App Center Of Its Own

Facebook may have been little more than a social network a year ago, but since the IPO, the company is really growing up and maturing before our eyes. It's quickly becoming a software powerhouse, launching Pages and Camera apps for iOS. And starting tonight, it'll be home to an app store, too. Everyone seems to have an app store these days, but it really does make sense for Facebook. The portal is already where many go to play games and use all manners of programs, so why not make it all have an official home? The impending App Center will launch with over 600 social apps, including Nike+ GPS, Ubisoft Ghost Recon Commander, Stitcher Radio, Draw Something, and Pinterest.

Each person will have a personalized experience in the App Center, with recommendations based on the apps they and their friends use, whether that be games or fashion, food, fitness, travel, or other lifestyle apps, and folks will only see apps in the App Center that are deemed "high quality," based on user ratings and engagement. The App Center is available on mobile via the Facebook apps for iOS and Android, or by accessing Facebook.com on mobile.

Might this be just one of the major ways that Facebook plays into iOS 6, likely to be announced next week? There's only one way to find out...