Facebook Joins AMD, HP, Marvell and Others in Linaro Linux on ARM Servers Efforts

AMD and ARM are leveraging the former’s acquisition of SeaMicro to develop ARM-based servers, and now there’s a concerted effort to develop a software ecosystem for the platform, driven a slew of industry leaders.

Companies including AMD, AppliedMicro, Calxeda, Canonical, Cavium, Facebook, HP, Marvell and Red Hat are joining forces with ARM, HiSilicon, Samsung and ST-Ericsson to form the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG), which will undertake the challenge.

ARM architecture

The group will be working to improve time-to-market acceleration, reduce R&D costs, and share information on differentiated systems to help bring lower-power hyperscale servers to market. The hope is that this technology will cut cost of ownership and improve energy efficiency, both of which are enormous cost concerns for any entity running servers.

Linaro logo

Impressively, the group plans to have an initial software delivery by the end of the year.