Facebook Is Developing Brain-Computer Interface Technology To Usher In Telepathic Communication And Mind Reading

Facebook appears to be working diligently towards telepathic communication and mind-reading. Their mysterious Building 8 team has just opened job listings for a “Neural Imaging Engineer”, “Haptics Engineer”, and “Brain-Computer Interface Engineer”.

The responsibilities for the job listings are rather vague. The Neural Imaging Engineer would be in charge of designing and reviewing neuro-imaging “methods based on optical, RF, ultrasound, or other entirely non-invasive approaches”. The Haptics Engineer would “lead, define, and develop haptics effects and haptics illusions in software and hardware”. The Brain-Computer Interface Engineer would be in charge of the application of machine learning methods, “including encoding and decoding models, to neuro-imaging and electrophysiological data”. The jobs also require fairly common and dull responsibilities such as traveling to different locations and collaborating on projects.

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Of course, not just anyone can apply. Applicants for the various positions will need a Ph.D. in neuroscience, computer science, biomedical engineering or electrical engineering. They will also need at least three years of experience and knowledge of the specifics of their fields. The Neural Imaging Engineer, for example, must have experience with “biomedical image acquisition methods (e.g., optical, ultrasound, RF) including image reconstruction algorithms and/or neuro-imaging applications”.

No one outside of the B8 team really knows what the group does. The job descriptions state that B8’s mission, in particular, is to develop “seemingly impossible products that define new categories that advance Facebook's mission of connecting the world”. In 2015, Zuckerberg mentioned that Facebook could be working on a brain-controlled, telepathic communication device. The program has also recently hired Mark Chevillet, a former program manager of applied neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University, and Regina Dugan, the former director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DAPRA).

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If you are interested, you can apply for the Neural Imaging Engineer position here, the Haptics Engineer position here, and the Brain-Computer Interface Engineer position here.