Facebook Hires Artificial Intelligence Expert For ‘Deep Learning’ Development

Google has become infamous for its persons data-mining; it would love nothing more than to understand every inch of you. But while Google's been in the spotlight for this for a good while, I'd bet that the company would jump at the chance to feed off of Facebook's gathered information. Why? Because the best information these companies have is the information you give them, and the amount of information people give Facebook is nothing short of staggering.

So what's next for the big blue F? We're not sure, but with a recent hire of artificial intelligence expert Yann LeCun, we can begin to speculate on some ideas. LeCun is responsible for a couple of important inventions, such as handwriting recognition and software that allows computers to "self-learn". To say he's good at his trade would be an understatement.

With IBM having Watson, and Google, its Quantum AI Lab, it's of little surprise that Facebook, with all of its resources, would want to tap into this market as well.

I have a couple of theories about where Facebook could go with this. For starters, its servers could accurately detect your mood, and deliver advertising based on that (or some other form of content). Or, it might even be able to detect a trend of depression, and likewise deliver advertising offering help.

The bottom-line is that if a Facebook server can learn and comprehend certain things like a human, the possibilities are endless. And perhaps a little creepy.

What are your theories about Facebook's wanting to get into AI?

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