Facebook Hints at New Product Announcement at Upcoming Launch Event

Facebook is officially in the big leagues in terms of events. In fact, we're pretty sure the social networking company has held more events in 2013 than even Amazon. Who would've thought that just a year or so ago? As Facebook morphs into more than just a community of friends, the company is taking ever larger risks. Just look at Facebook Home, for example, as well as the Social Graph from a few months ago. Now, Facebook is readying another new product, and it may be the biggest one yet: a news reader.

With Google Reader shutting down, there's a huge open hole for a big name to fill. Yes, Feedly is stepping up in some regard, but Facebook's mysterious invite sure makes us think "news." The company's planning "a new product," reportedly crafted by a small team that's obsessed with "a big idea." The invite actually mentions the word "coffee," and historically, nothing goes together quite like kicking back, sipping some java, and reading the morning news. In the digital world, we're guessing that translates to "RSS reader."

The event will go down on June 20th in California, and we'll be keeping a close eye on what's the come. Any wild guesses? Let us know in comments!