Facebook Finally Enables Comment Editing

For as often as Facebook tweaks (or completely overhauls) its look, features, and other details, you’d think the Zuckerberg army would have gotten around to this by now, but Facebook has finally enabled comment editing.

That’s right friends, when you accidentally hit “Enter” too soon or realize that you made a stupid typo, you no longer have to add an asterisk-prefaced amendment below and blame your fat fingers or drunkenness or dyslexia for the error. Of course, there’s a catch: others can see that you edited your comment and can actually see what changes you made.

Although that may seem a little ridiculous at first blush--why let everyone can see your embarrassing errors?--it’s quite necessary as an anti-trolling measure. Imagine the unbridled chaos if trollers could comment on something, elicit reactions, and then edit their initial comment to make the responders look bad. There would be an entire Cheezburger Network site devoted to the resulting hilarity.

Now that one of Facebook’s glaring feature omissions has been fixed, perhaps Zuck could add comment thread capabilities next.
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