Facebook Developing Custom AI Silicon To Filter Live Video Content

Facebook is delving further into the artificial intelligence realm, and has announced that it is creating its own AI silicon that will directly aide in filtering out inappropriate Facebook Live videos as they happen. Over the past few years, Facebook Live hasn't just grown in popularity; many people appreciate just how "instant" the platform is, and then proceed to ruin the days of many people.

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Facebook Live has proven an incredibly popular feature on the social network

It might be hard to fathom, but Facebook Live has been home to some live-broadcasted murders and suicides in the past, and often, Facebook itself doesn't know about the upload until it's far too late. That's even the case if there are multiple reports for an offensive video. As you can imagine, Facebook as a whole oversees an incredible amount of users, so catching everything quickly is just not always possible.

That could all change with its own AI-driven silicon, though. As we've been able to see from other parts of the industry, AI is quickly becoming more accurate, to almost scary levels. With dedicated silicon, specific data can be sought out much more quickly. In this case, Facebook's chip could detect a number of different variables, and if there are matches, the video could simply be changed to hidden until it can get a manual review. We'd imagine that a sound processor would be part of this, since visual cues might not be enough.

Another aspect to custom silicon is that Facebook is able to fine-tune to its exact specifications, and because it's a specific use chip, it'll be very power-efficient at what it does. Facebook is no stranger to developing its own hardware, but this seems like a chip that we can all welcome with open arms.