Facebook Celebrates 10 Years Of Social Networking With Highlights From Your Timeline

Prepare to retrieve the tissues, because Facebook is virtually guaranteed to make you feel something today. As we mentioned earlier, today is Facebook’s 10th anniversary, and to let everyone commemorate the occasion together the company is automatically creating a special video made from your timeline’s events, photos, your most-liked posts, and other memorable events.

You don’t have to do anything but hit the link to the Lookback page while you’re logged in to Facebook. Poof, there’s your one-minute video, complete with emotive music.

Facebook Lookback

Highlights will include your first profile pic. (Mine was actually a shot of my brother wearing Mickey Mouse ears and holding a realistic-looking toy machine gun when he was little. A hilarious and enduring image, to be sure, but perhaps a poor choice for a profile pic.)

The generic Lookback video

And oh man, Facebook pulled in some good memories--in addition to some oddball pictures, such as the one of a casual acquaintance that somehow made it into the one-minute slideshow of the last seven years of my online life.

You can see your own Lookback here.