Facebook Blocks Path “Find Friends” Access Due To Spam Activity

Nothing quite like a good, old-fashioned cat-fight between social networks, huh? That's evidently what's ongoing between Facebook and Path. If you haven't been watching, Path has been taking a lot of heat recently for spamming contact lists with invites to join. Essentially, Path users inadvertently spammed just about everyone in their address book in recent weeks, and Facebook took notice. Now, Facebook has blocked Path's access to FB's social graph, which will disallow Path's "Find Friends" feature from working with FB data.

Of course, Path users can still login via Facebook and share content to their own personal FB walls, but the directory access is a no-go... at least for now. That's a huge blow for Path, which obviously relied on the larger network of Facebook and Twitter to grow its own user base, which is only at around 10 million. It's tough to say whether or not Facebook will even open the doors again, but it's probably a one-strike-and-you're-out situation.