Facebook Adds Long-Needed Save-For-Later Feature

For as ubiquitous as Facebook is and for as many features as the social network has, there are a few much-needed items that the company just hasn’t gotten to over the years. (For example, why can’t you comment on a comment?) Facebook is taking care of one of those long-needed features today, though, by introducing Save.

Save lets you mark all sorts of content such as links, places, movies, TV, and music to get back to later. No one can see what you’ve saved unless you allow them to, and Facebook stashes them for you and categorizes what you’ve saved so you can easily find whatever you’re looking for.

Facebook Save

Adding this feature is not just something that users have wanted for a long time; it makes sense for Facebook’s model of discovery. For as many banal posts and food pictures you see, there are at least as many links to interesting articles, music you want to check out, and so on that you either don’t have time to look into right at that moment or are unable to.

Every day, there are items that you want to view but can’t. Save makes it possible to go back and check those things out, and that’s good for everyone involved.

Save will be available for iOS and Android in the next few days.