Eye-Fi Geo Wireless SD Card Adds Geotagging Support

Eye-Fi, the company responsible for bringing wireless digital image uploads to the masses, is introducing an all new Secure Digital (SD) card today that adds one more feature that photogs are sure to love: geotagging. The appropriately named Eye-Fi Geo is a 2GB SD card that slides into any digital camera that accepts SD cards. In simple terms, it stores photos and gives users the ability to upload them directly to the web when they're near a Wi-Fi HotSpot. The Eye-Fi Geo adds in geotagging, meaning that viewers will see exactly where the photo was taken once it hits the Internet.

Unfortunately, the availability of the card is somewhat limited. Eye-Fi has decided to market and sell this one solely through Apple outlets in an effort to showcase the compatibility of the card with Apple's own iPhoto '08/'09, iPhone and MobileMe. Of course, the card will work with other platforms, but you'll have to stroll into an Apple store or online at Apple.com in order to buy one. As described by Eye-Fi, the Eye-Fi Geo wirelessly uploads photos straight to a folder on your computer or Apple's iPhoto gallery where they arrive automatically geotagged with location information about where the image was captured.

Jef Holove, CEO of Eye-Fi, seemed pretty proud of the Apple link:

"Apple users want simplicity and an effortless user experience, so it's not surprising that a significant number of our users are on Macs. The Eye-Fi Geo is the perfect companion for iPhoto's new 'Places' application to pinpoint photos on a digital map so memories are displayed in a richer, more meaningful way."

It's available for purchase today at $59.99.