Apple Picking: Expected Launch Of New iPads And iMacs At Octoberfest Event

Now that Apple's gone and released its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets to the public, what's next? It takes some bouncing around the web to gather up all the rumors and leaked information, but it appears that Apple will launch at least a new iPad model during a planned (but as-yet unannounced) press event next month.

Word around the web is that Apple is planning the event for October 16, 2014, at the Cupertino company's Town Hall Auditorium, which is on its corporate campus. It's said to be a bit more laid back and casual than the iPhone 6 launch event was.

iPad Air

New iPad models are expected to take center stage, along with a new 27-inch iMac system boasting a 5K resolution Retina display. That's not a typo -- if you recall, Dell recently announced a 5K monitor of its own, which it plans to make available to the public in November for $2,500 MSRP.

As for the iMac, this would be the first time Apple will have offered an ultra-high resolution display on its all-in-one iMac line. If the rumor is true, it will be interesting to see what kind of GPU Apple chooses to push pixels around at 5K.

Less is known (or speculated) about the new iPads. About the only thing that seems to be a safe bet is the inclusion of Apple's Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which at the moment is only available on the iPhone. There's also been talk of Apple adding a gold color option to its next iPad.