Exent's GameTanium Mobile Brings Game Streaming To Android

Game streaming sounded like a brilliant idea at the time, but there are serious hurdles to overcome. Many have tried and failed, and even Sony's PSPgo was a short-lived invention. So, do players like OnLive have a chance? In a world where more and more people are acquiring broadband each day, perhaps it can, but the road isn't paved in gold, and there are plenty of potholes along the way. Game provider Exent is the latest to get into the game, with the company announcing at Mobile World Congress that it is bringing an all–you-can-play subscription service for tablets offering unlimited game play of dozens of the hottest games on Android, including Fruit Ninja, Baseball Superstars, and T-Racer HD.

For game publishers, GameTanium offers a rich channel for delivering their games across multiple platforms, increasing the life of games and royalties that games earn. GameTanium's exclusive catalog and merchandising expertise also enables premium pricing by elevating superior games above the overwhelming population of game demos, spam, broken apps and just plain boring games offered in the Android Market.

"The GameTanium tablet offering is yet another step in our anytime, anywhere game play vision," says Zvi Levgoren, CEO at Exent. "We now offer our world-leading Games on Demand service across all of the platforms necessary to enable games to be played wherever, whenever and however consumers want to play them. As a result, the service represents a great opportunity for carriers to engage their customers on a more meaningful and ultimately, more profitable level and for game publishers to drive their games more deeply into players' lives."

The GameTanium tablet service is available for Android tablets for a low monthly fee. Users can start their free three-day trial of the service by visiting http://m.gametanium.com/tablet.html from their Android device.

We have to say, the one place where streaming gaming does indeed make sense is on the mobile front. Consoles still dominate the living room, but portable gaming is very quickly shifting to the download / app market. Here goes nothing, right Exent?