Evigroup Announces Two-Piece SmartPaddle Tablet Device

There's been a couple of major things happening in the consumer electronics space, and you'd have to be totally zoned out to have missed the tablet revolution. But there's something building on top of that, and it takes only one look at the Lenovo LePad, Atrix 4G and all of those other netvertibles. It's apparent that tablets are just the beginning, and companies are looking to expand upon them and innovate by adding new peripherals.

Evigroup is a company we hadn't heard of before today, but it's clear we'll be hearing more about them in the future. Their new SmartPaddle is one of the more unique product offerings in the mobile world today, offering a two-piece solution that's highly portable (and lacking a keyboard) when you need it to be, but highly functional (and including a keyboard) the other half of the time. The device has an Atom N450 CPU, an 11.6" capacitive touch panel, 2GB of memory, a 64GB SSD, Wi-Fi, Windows 7 and 3G.

There's apparently a lot of custom software going on here as well, with certain head-tracking capabilities and a new 3D interface for Win7 being featured. But such a unique machine (with such a small namesake) isn't going to be cheap, and that explains the nearly 1300 Euros that the company wants for it. That's around $1800, but there's no telling if it's coming stateside or not.