EVGA's GeForce GTX 780 Ti K|NGP|N Edition Begs for Some Hardcore Overclocking Action

There are graphics cards, and then there are graphics cards that demand to be the center of attention amongst the massive amount of competition. A perfect example is EVGA's just-released GeForce GTX 780 Ti Classified K|NGP|N Edition, which as the name suggests, was crafted by legendary overclocker Vince 'K|NGP|N' Lucido. Since two sets of eyes are usually better than one, Tsemenko 'TiN' Illya had a hand in the card's design process as well.

Given the duo behind this card, it goes without saying that it's designed for overclocking, plain and simple. While liquid nitrogen is often brought into the picture with extreme overclockers, EVGA didn't limit this card to just that use. Instead, it has a nice air cooler, which makes use of 100mm ACX fans and a backplate for efficient heat dissipation.

K|NGP|N notes, though, that if extreme overclocking is undertaken with this card, clocks of up to 1.85GHz can be expected - a staggering 111% increase (base clock is 875MHz).

To help make an overclock like that possible, this card is equipped with an extra 8-pin power connector, resulting in two of those and a 6-pin which are capable of drawing 450W of total power. Further, a dedicated PWM baseplate is included, and on the board itself, enhanced PLL circuitry and an "improved GPU power plane" can be found.

Given the target audience of this card, a DMM adapter with status LEDs is included as well as XOC voltage modification points. Ridiculous... but in a great way.

Pricing has not been revealed, but what has been is the fact that this card falls into EVGA's unannounced 'Build to Order' program. More details on that are expected to come soon - likely at the upcoming CES.