EVGA Unwraps Adorable Looking Mini-ITX Z77 Motherboard

Hulking desktop towers were once all the rage, and for some, they still are. As a whole, however, the PC industry is trending towards smaller, more compact systems. With that in mind, the mini-ITX form factor is picking up some steam in enthusiast circles, and it's because vendors like EVGA are getting on board with packing big features onto tiny slices of silicon.

To wit, EVGA's Jacob Freeman posted a few pictures of the company's upcoming mini-ITX Z77 motherboard, which is scheduled to launch next month. He didn't provide any real details to go along with the pictures, but it's easy enough to make out a pair of DDR3 DIMM slots, 24-pin power connector, 8-pin CPU power connector, internal USB 3.0 header, four SATA ports, and a PCI-E slot that sits a good distance away from the CPU socket.

EVGA Z77 Mini-ITX Motherboard

Onboard power and reset buttons sit in the upper right corner of the motherboard, as does an LED debugging display. And in case there's any doubt that EVGA means business, one of the pictures shows an LN2 pot attached to the board.