EVGA Traces Problem with Some First Run GeForce GTX 670 Superclock Cards to Improper Screening

There are reports in several corners of the Web claiming EVGA is recalling, or partially recalling, its GeForce GTX 670 Superclock graphics card, and while it's true the videocard maker discovered a problem with some early run silicon, EVGA Product Manager Jacob Freeman released a statement clarifying the issue.
"Thank you for your patience over this weekend. We have an update on this issue now," Freeman explains. " We have isolated this problem to an early batch of GTX 670 Superclock cards that were not properly screened during QA/QC procedure. We have already been working with our partners to retest this particular batch. In the meantime, our R&D has also done numerous tests, burn in and component quality verification to confirm that the EVGA GTX 670 Superclock is a well designed product.

"However, if you do receive the EVGA GTX 670 Superclock card with any issues, please contact me at jacobf at evga.com so we can offer a special cross shipment replacement as we previously stated.


In other words, any mass hysteria that EVGA's Superclock SKU is fraught with problems, or with Kepler in general, is unfounded at this point. At the same time, EVGA chose not to disclose what exact issue it found that's related to poor screening, so the guessing game continues.