EVGA Touts Latest Version of its Precision X Overclocking Software

There’s a new NVIDIA GPU in town, not to mention a new spate of motherboards on the way, so it’s not terribly surprising that EVGA has updated its overclocking software accordingly--EVGA Precision X (4.2.0) is now available and free to download.

The latest Precision X enjoys a bit of a facelift and as always lets users overclock their GPUs by adjusting clock speed, memory clock speed, fan speed, voltage, and other parameters. For example, you can set temperature and power target controls, create custom profiles (that are enabled with a hotkey), take in-game screenshots, and even customize the software skin.

EVGA Precision X

The changelist for version 4.2.0 is rather lengthy and appears to offer quite a bit in the way of improved graphs and charts, updates for newer graphics cards, better statistics, and minor bug fixes.

If you want to grab the latest, you can download Precision X here.