EVGA Supernova G1+ PSUs Deliver Modular 80+ Gold Efficiency In More Compact Designs

In case you haven't noticed, we're in the middle of a GPU release drought. The last launch was NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, which came three months after AMD pushed its Radeon RX Vega out the door. Based on current rumor, NVIDIA's next-gen Ampere architecture could land in GPUs in April, so there's hope that this drought will be soon over.

Fortunately for EVGA, even though its bread and butter is the graphics cards business, the company has many other product lines that can help pad the bank account during quiet seasons. Back in 2013, EVGA released its SuperNOVA G1 series, one that's gone on to earn a reputation of being well-built, and long-lasting. Now, the company is ushering in its fully modular G1+ series, lovingly doused in refinements.

EVGA 1000W G1Plus

It's not the flashiest component in our PCs, so it's easy to under-appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a power supply. If people didn't care about efficiency and size, we're not sure anyone would want to see what PSUs could look like today. Fortunately, the opposite has been true. A 1,000W PSU five years ago would have been too long for most chassis. Today, 1,000W can be squeezed into tighter form-factors:

EVGA 1000W G1Plus Comparison

If 1,000W is a bit more than you need, the G1+ series also includes 650, 750, and 850W models, all of which share the same featureset. That includes a dynamic bearing fan (vs. ball bearing) that reduces noise and prolongs life by reducing wear and tear on the fan.

Even deeper inside the PSU, 100% Japanese capacitors couple with a single 12V rail and voltage regulation module to deliver greater efficiency over the original G1. That means while the G1+ shares the same 80 Plus Gold rating of the original, under typical load, it'd still be a few percentage points better in efficiency - just not enough to bump the PSU up to the next tier (80 Plus Platinum).

EVGA 1000W G1Plus Angle

With all of its optimizations, EVGA says the G1+ is up to 22% quieter than the G1, a difference between 24.2dB and 30dB. That's admirable for a PSU with as much capability as the 1,000W model, coupled with the reliability that allows EVGA to give these PSUs a 10-year warranty.

As of the time of writing, only the 650 and 750W G1+ units are available for purchase, for $109.99 and $119.99, respectively. Once available, you'll be able to score the 850W for $149.99, and 1,000W, for $189.99.