EVGA Launches Two Single PCB GTX 295 Cards

Trumping other NVIDIA partners on launch date, EVGA has announced its new single-PCBdual-GPU GTX 295 graphics cards.

The new NVIDIA card design joins both GPUs on the same PCB, saving some serious green on that almighty bill-of-materials. The redesigned dual-GPU card still packs the same punch in most aspects – it is still based on the GT200b chip but in this case EVGA opted not to go reference with the card cooling.

A quick reminder, the original GTX 295 came with 576MHz core clock, 1242MHz shader, 2000MHz memory and 2x896MB of GDDR3 (there is a difference between 2x896 and 1792, in case anyone is wondering). Now, the twist. EVGA’s single PCB colossus comes in two flavors, a standard air-cooled version and the “Hydro-Copper” edition, which adds – yes, you guessed it – liquid cooling.

The aircooled version bears pretty much the same specs as the dual-PCB predecessor but uses a very different shroud while the Hydro-Copper version uses a massive waterblock, custom-designed to match the new PCB, to provide a slight 24MHz core overclock and a 53MHz (106MHz effective) memory overclock. Both cards are dual-slot and sport dual-DVI connectors, come with an HDMI 1.3a adapter and all the cabling you'll need to steal the juice from your PSU or get audio pumped through the card.

The only downside to these cards right now is the asking price, a mere $519.99 for the standard air-cooled version and $699.99 for the Hydro-Copper (EVGA actually sells the waterblock separately for $159.99). No games are bundled with the card.

Expect other partners to make similar announcements in the forthcoming days.