EVGA Gets Wet and Wild with Kepler, Launches GeForce GTX 680 Hydro Copper

NVIDIA made waves in the GPU market when it finally launched Kepler last week, and now EVGA is looking to make a splash by announcing the "immediate availability" of its GeForce GTX 680 Hydro Copper graphics card. Actually, like all GeForce GTX 680 graphics cards, EVGA's Hydro Copper variant is currently out of stock, but we suspect that will change soon. In the meantime, let's take a look at some of the specs.

The main attraction here is the pre-installed Hydro Copper waterblock, which you can also order separately for $160 direct from EVGA. This is a full-cover end-to-end waterblock with a chrome plated electrolytic C110 copper base and new 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch compression fittings. It also sports a high flow liquid design, full component coverage, and integrated internal pressure points, topped off with a glowing EVGA logo for a touch of bling.

As for the card, it sports a 5 Phase PWM design, 8-pin + 6-pin power connectors, and increased clockspeeds of 1215MHz (boost clock) and 1150MHz (base clock). The 2GB of GDDR5 memory has been goosed to 6300MHz and sits on a 256-bit wide memory bus.

The card will set you back $700 (MSRP). If you want even more upfront speed and OCing potential, EVGA is also planning to launch a Classified version. Clockspeeds are not yet known, though EVGA says the card will require dual 8-pin power connectors.