EVGA Expands Torq Gaming Mouse Family With X3, X5

When EVGA released its first gaming mouse last fall, it was evident that the company wasn't interested in entering the market with a whimper. While we found that some aspects of the Torq X10 could have used some tweaking, it was without question a solid first effort, and did well to whet our appetites for what was to come.

Today, EVGA expands its Torq line with the X3 and X5, and as you've no doubt surmised already, these are EVGA's mid-range mice. Like the X10, both the X3 and X5 feature two separate models that tweak things ever-so-slightly. The X10 remains the exclusive mouse in the Torq series to be available in a "Carbon" model, though.

EVGA Torq X5 Laser Mouse

The main differences between each mouse can be seen in the EVGA-provided chart below. Both of the X10 models and the "L" X3 and X5 models feature a laser sensor, whereas the two others stick to optical tracking. One thing the entire X3 and X5 lineup share are the number of buttons, 8, and profiles, 5. Settled in at the bottom of the totem pole, the X3 mouse doesn't feature RGB LEDs like all of the others.

EVGA Torq X3 X5 X10 Gaming Mice

To upgrade from an optical to laser sensor with either the X3 or X5, you can expect a price premium of about $10. The X3 at EVGA's site retails for $39.99, while the X5 is priced at $49.99, and the X5L, at $59.99. Interestingly, EVGA has used different colors for the X5 mice; the L model (seen at the top) is gray, while the non-L is white. Currently, the only X3 listed on EVGA's site is the non-L version, and that's gray like the X5L.

If the X10 is a gauge to go by, the X5 and X3 should be competent contenders in their given price range.