Evercade VS Console Launches For Retro Gaming Between Up To Four Friends

evercade launches console to play retro games with up to four friends
If you want to step back in time and play some retro games for nostalgia, it can be more difficult than it needs to be. Moreover, you do not get the fun of playing with friends on the same screen as everything is now done over the web. Evercade has decided to go against the grain and take the hassle out of emulation and allow up to four friends to play games in person with a brand new console announced today.

Last year, we covered the Evercade Handheld, an ultra-small and portable console that allowed users to play their favorite retro games anywhere. Of course, you still needed to bring your game cartridges with you, but it would not be much fun nor nostalgic if you just had a silly little SD card with all the games included. Anyhow, the one big downside of this portable console was that it was not designed to be a shared experience. You could hook it up to a TV, but the sharing stopped there unless you wanted to pass around the controller.

However, all of this changes today as Evercade has announced the Evercade VS, a new way to play retro games with friends. It features four controller ports and two cartridge slots, which expands the playable game library up to 40 games at one time without having to change out a cartridge. What is nice about this is that the Evercade VS also supports the Handheld cartridges, so you can get right to gaming if you already have the Handheld.

dualcart evercade launches console to play retro games with up to four friends

Furthermore, the controllers for the Evercade VS expand the compatibility of games with a D-Pad, X/Y/A/B buttons, and two bumper buttons on each side. If you do not want to use these controllers, you can alternatively use “any USB controller(s), including wireless dongles.” At the end of the day, whether you are a modern gamer or prefer a retro controller, you can enjoy the experience of all the older titles.

controller evercade launches console to play retro games with up to four friends

If this sounds like something you need to get together with your friend group after more than a year of quarantining, it will become available on May 28th with a starting price of $100. That starter bundle only comes with the console, one controller, and one game cartridge, so you will have to pony up some more cash to have the full experience. This will still be cheaper (and easier) than getting your hands on an Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5 right now, though, so all in all, not bad. Whatever you end up doing, let us know what you think of this cool little retro console in the comments below.