evasi0n Releases Simple 5 Minute iOS7 Jailbreak

In the earlier days of iDevice jailbreaking, the process was an absolute chore, and as such, most people avoided it. Over the years, though, as developers began to understand iOS' inner-workings better, jailbreaking became much easier. Even still, many have continued to avoid it because even the minor complexities of the process can ruin the appeal.

But now, jailbreaking has become a non-issue. Thanks to the efforts of the evasi0n team, all that's required to jailbreak an iDevice is iOS 7, a USB cable to connect the device to a computer, iTunes, 5 minutes, and perhaps most important, the ability to click a button that says "Jailbreak". That's it.

As the software is run, it's recommended that the computer be left alone, because even though jailbreaking in this instance might be easy, there's always the risk of something happening that can disrupt the process. The developers have an "Important! Read me!" section on their site that's worth looking over. The biggest tips: Disable the lock passcode (if there is one), and backup the device first using iTunes or iCloud.

If you use evasi0n's latest tool to jailbreak your iDevice, please relay your experiences in the comments below!