European Commission To Request ‘Break-Up Plan’ Of Google Over Monopolistic Search Dominance

Google is again the target of a controversial measure in the European Union as its parliament draws up a draft motion to separate the company's search engine business from its other operations, which it proposes is one possible solution to Google's dominance. The draft motion is backed by the European People's Party and the Socialists.

It's not often that the European parliament calls out a big U.S. company in such a manner, which underscores the growing resentment towards the search giant among Germany's politicians. The timing of the draft motion, however, isn't all that surprising.

Europan Commission

Germany's Günther Oettinger became the EU's digital commissioner earlier this year, and since then, he's targeted Google in a number of ways, including the suggestion of a fine for displaying copyrighted material and pushing for search results to be neutral.

There are reports that Google isn't specifically named in the draft motion, though according to the Financial Times, this is all about severing Google's search business. It should also be noted that the European parliament is powerless to force the split up of a company, at least directly. However, it obviously has influence on the Commission, which does have the power to enact such measures.

According to FT, Google views this latest move as a "politically-motivated campaign to do something that is a regulatory matter." Furthermore, Google is reportedly livid at the draft motion, which it feels is disproportionate to the level of concern voiced by the commission during its investigation.