ESPN 3D To Cease Production By Year's End: No Demand, No Channel

And just like that, the final nail in the coffin is hammered down. While sales of 3D HDTVs weren't ever remarkable, there was still a slim chance that the technology would garner enough traction to be profitable. But no more. The one and only at-home content hope for 3D was sports. Movies, sure, but mostly the technology would live or die based on the success of sporting events. ESPN 3D was one of the first major 3D channels, and ESPN was one of the first networks to invest heavily in 3D even before it was a proven medium.

Sadly, it appears that the bet won't pay off. ESPN has announced, amidst cost-cutting efforts that have impacted jobs across the company, that ESPN 3D will cease by the year's end. Without ESPN 3D around, there is effectively no hope for 3D content, and in turn, mass 3D adoption at-home. The company suggests that "strong production" couldn't help "a lack of demand from the majority of consumers," and of course, no demand means no advertising dollars.

It's a tough pill to swallow, but we aren't exactly shocked to hear it. Will any of you even miss it?