Epson Reveals World's First Android-Based Wearable Display

What if Android were everywhere? It also is. It's in car, on tablets, on phones, and now, even in glasses. Epson has just launched the Moverio BT-100 See-Through Display, which is based on Google's mobile OS. It's called the world's first Android-based see-through wearable display, and it uses micro-projection technology and an Android-powered track-pad controller to enable users to view streaming video, experience side-by-side 3D content and enjoy downloaded digital content on a virtual 80-inch perceived screen projected into the user's real environment.

There's built-in Wi-Fi, nearly six hours of rechargeable battery life, a microSDHC card slot (4GB card included), and 1GB of built-in storage. The company explains that you'll see an 80-inch perceived "floating" display, which should look pretty incredible / freaky for watching videos or just surfing the web. Of course, that $699.99 price tag means it's definitely more than an impulse buy, but it's available now if you want one anyway.
Tags:  Android, Glasses, epson