Epic Sues Quality Assurance Contractor Over Leaked Fortnite Comet Details

When it come to its mega-hit Fortnite, Epic ties to keep details surrounding the game and upcoming features pretty close to the vest. That's why Epic is not at all pleased about the alleged leak of Fortnite information by quality assurance contractor Thomas Hannah. The information was leaked via reddit and confirmed where exactly the comet that was spied in the skies over Tilted Towers would strike. Since the comet was over Tilted Towers, gamers thought that was the target. The true target was Dusty Depot (turning it into Dusty Divot) and Hannah is said to have worked with a third-party to leak that information.

dusty divot

Interestingly, the third party isn’t listed in the suit. Epic considered the comet impact location to be extremely sensitive information and Hannah is also accused of leaking details on the superhero theme in the same reddit post. Hannah for his part denies that he helped in leaking the information at all. He has, however, reportedly admitted to violating his non-disclosure agreement.

fortnite comet

Hannah says that the disclosure of the information happened after being hit with a "series of questions and guesses regarding where the meteor would hit" by the unnamed third-party. Hannah maintains he didn’t deliberately work with the third-party to leak that information and that he had nothing to do with the reddit post. He claims that the conversation between him and the third-party was akin to a private conversation and he had no control over the outcome.

Epic is seeking damages due to irreparable injury it sustained. The legal team for the defense is asking courts to throw the entire suit out of court. 

Fortnite has been crushing it with player numbers and has been directly responsible for taking half of PUBG's players since it launched. PUBG is not happy with Epic Games over Fortnite's similar gameplay, and filed a copyright infringement suit as a result. 

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