Epic Games Responds Quickly To Customers Over Misleading Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle

One of the more popular console bundles during the holiday season was the Fortnite Xbox One S bundle, which sold for $299. Some people who purchased the console bundle felt like the description, which stated that it included the "Full Game + Game Adds Ons," was misleading.

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Some buyers of the bundle argue that the "Full Game" verbiage led them to believe that not only was the free-to-play Fortnite Battle Royale mode included, but also the paid Save the World mode. What the bundle included was the free-to-play game, Eon cosmetic bundle, and in-game currency. Epic Games has now posted a response to Reddit directly addressing gamers who purchased the bundle.

What Epic Games is offering to the people who feel mislead is a free copy of Fortnite Save the World. For gamers who chalked up the poor description to their error and purchased Save the World mode, Epic will give those folks 2,000 V-Bucks. As for a time frame for this to happen, Epic has stated as of yesterday that it would grant the entitlements for free content or in-game currency starting next week when its offices reopen for the new year. More information about the progress will be offered next week.

Gamers are pleased with Epic's decision to give the free game to buyers and to compensate those who had already purchased Save the World. Other game developers seem to be unable to get out of their own way with continued decisions that anger gamers and make the company look bad. A perfect example of this is Bethesda with its continued missteps with Fallout 76. Most recent reports indicate that Bethesda has been banning gamers for cheating when they are using mods to improve graphics in the game.