Grab Train Sim World 2 And MotherGunShip For Free At The Epic Game Store

epic games giving away train sim and mothergunship
Are you looking for a distraction from the world or simply a new game to play? Either way, a decent place to start is with the free games that the Epic Games Store has up for grabs, and this week looks good. Through August 5th, you can become a train engineer or conquer a robotic alien armada in a “bullet-hell” first-person shooter.


mothergunship epic games giving away train sim and mothergunship

MOTHERGUNSHIP is the most extreme of the two titles up for grabs this week, as it is a “bullet-hell FPS where you craft your own guns, fight huge bosses, and defeat a robotic alien armada that conquered Earth.”
Players will face non-stop combat against hordes of alien machines, traps, and bosses, which must be fought using an arsenal you created. However, you do not have to go at this chaos alone because there is a full co-op experience, meaning you and a friend can fight the hordes together with ease.  

Train Sim World 2

trainsim epic games giving away train sim and mothergunship

Dialing things back just a little, Train Sim World 2 allows you to become the train engineer you always wanted to be. Whether you opt for high-speed rail services, long freight hails, or “precise commuter traffic,” there should be something for everyone. Players can also explore famous locations from within the engineer’s cabin, such as the London Underground or the Allegheny Mountains in the United States.

With a plethora of challenges, customization, and interesting features, both games look incredibly interesting. If you want to pick up either, you can do so here and let us know what you think of the games in the comments below.