Epic Games Opening Fortnite Summer Skirmish Cut Short Over Laggy Servers

The success of Epic Games' Fortnite is nothing short of incredible, with the company currently clearing a quarter of a billion dollars in revenue every month - which isn't bad at all for a free-to-play title. While Epic kicks butt and takes name, it's hard to feel anything but admiration for the company, because it seems to be doing everything it can to please everyone. Just the other day, we learned that the company is starting to spread its wealth to its faithful Unreal Engine customers, simply based on the fact that Fortnite has proven a safety net for the company.

Fortnite 01

Not all is perfect in Fortnite paradise, however; something many fans of the title are learning the hard way this weekend. What was supposed to kick off as an exciting 8-week challenge to award a total of $8 million dollars to players, including $250,000 which was meant to go to the winner of a Summer Skirmish duos event yesterday, has been anything but so far.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, serious lag prevented fun from taking place, instead resulting in the growing feeling of anger and frustration. Epic is not ignorant of this, and it's proving it by suspending the rest of the duos competition, and seemingly only the duos competition.

Fortnite 02

While some great kills were had during all of this lag, no one ultimately had a fair chance, and as far as Epic is concerned, it was bad enough to essentially negate a winner from being able to be chosen at this time. In one instance amongst this unbelievable lag, player Ali "Myth" Kabbani died after lag misplaced his ramp, and he fell to his demise. Imagine that happening to you during a seriously competitive match. 

Interestingly, Epic says that it will review the data and figure out who ultimately won, which will be announced on the official event webpage. It's not clear at this point how the rest of the summer event will play out, but the only way it could be worse than the duos performance is to not happen at all!