Enterprise IT Spending To Hit $2.7 Trillion In 2012, Says Gartner

Senior vice president and head of global research at Gartner Peter Sondergaard revealed Gartner’s forecast for enterprise IT spending in 2012 at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. The firm believes that enterprise IT spending worldwide will hit $2.7 trillion next year, which is up from $2.6 trillion in 2011--an increase of 3.9%.

However, that increase represents a slowing down of the market; for 2011, Gartner expected an increase of 5.9%. Still, Sondergaard noted that enterprises will continue to invest in IT despite poor economic situations, because IT has become a primary driver of business growth.


He also painted the IT landscape as one that has changed and now has certain “urgent and compelling forces”: the cloud, social, information, and the cloud. The press release quoted Sondergaard as saying, “These forces are innovative and disruptive just taken on their own, but brought together, they are revolutionizing business and society.”

In other words, the real story isn’t so much that enterprise IT spending is up or down, but that the market is evolving. Emerging areas such as cloud computing and mobile are growing and will contribute in a big way to the market’s overall growth in the near and distant future.
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