Engage Your Wallets: Steam's Exploration Sale Has Just Begun

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Valve launches its "Exploration Sale". It's as if the company believes that since people will likely be filling up on a lot of food tomorrow, they might equally be interested in filling up their Steam library. Well, whatever Valve's thought process is, this sale results in some great deals, and does well to preface the famous winter sale, which should happen in about one month's time.

Steam Exploration Sale

Unlike the winter and summer sales, which have robust mechanics and games to play while the sale goes on, this Exploration Sale keeps things pretty simple. Where the "Exploration" comes in is with the help of the recommendations feature Valve introduced a couple of months ago, which as you'd expect recommends titles based on other titles in your library.

Valve's entire catalog is on sale, with every title I looked up having up to 50% cut off it's price tag. As usual, the best deals will be found on the Steam homepage, and as of the time of writing, some of the deals are very tempting. Civilization: Beyond Earth can be had for just $34.99 (not bad considering it just came out a month or so ago), and Watch Dogs is available for $30 - half off. If you still don't own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can score that for $7.49, and if you're a fan of Goat Simulator, the $4.99 price tag for Goat MMO Simulator will no doubt intrigue you.

Overall, great deals as always. That doesn't mean your wallet's going to be happy with you, though.

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