Enermax Galaxy 1000W Power Supply

Being strictly strictly towards the ultra enthusiast, 1000W power supply's aren't very common sight. Fortunately 3DGameMan has a video review of Enermax's Galaxy 1000W PSU, which isn't cheap, but does provide stable rails.

"Who would have thought that 1000W power supplies would have been required to power computer gaming systems? Well, that is the case if you have a dual or quad video card setup with lots of hard drives. The other scenario is a server with 20+ hard drives. This power supply would have no problem powering the most demanding computer system that's currently on the market. This product also stands out from many because it has a PowerGuard feature to protect computer hardware, and it has a 135mm fan. Its Galaxy name is very fitting because it has all the power in the world! Watch the Video to find out more..."