Employee Data Stolen From The Home Dep'doh!

We're still at a loss as to how so many computers (especially laptops) with sensitive data end up getting stolen.  One would think that anyone entrusted with such data would know that a major law suit and bad press were just lurking around the corner in the guise of a thief.

All that being said, about 10,000 employee records were on a laptop that was stolen recently from a Home Depot in Massachusetts.

“The retailer tells Team 5 Investigate[r – sic]s it is confident that this personal information was not the thief's target, but that is little consolation to thousands of Home Depot workers, including Anthony Garro, of Salem. He and his wife both received letters from Home Depot headquarters in Atlanta telling them that their personal information may be in the wrong hands.

"They can get your Social Security number, date of birth, you know. They can open up an account, anything," Garro said.
Garro is currently on disability, but has worked for Home Depot for approximately eight years in the hardware and millwork departments.“

Should there be stronger laws to make sure that companies and/or their human resource staff and/or management are held accountable when sensitive records go missing?
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