emoj.li Is The ‘Spamless’ Social Network Consisting Exclusively Of Emoji

How does one even begin a post with the above headline? In what is either a massive troll or an uncomfortable sign of the times, a pair of Brits named Matt Gray and Tom Scott are touting a new social network launching soon that will use only emoji.

Dubbed “emoj.li”, the social network contains no words--no words!--but also no spam, which is its main selling point. “Social networks are broken,” says the product video, “with spam, trolls, memes, and hashtags.” Further, “There is no spam, because there isn’t an emoji for spam.”


If you’re smelling a rat, you’re not alone, but Gray and Scott specifically state that this isn’t satire--it’s the real thing, and it will launch first for iOS and will subsequently come to other platforms, as well.

If you find an all-emoji social network compelling for some reason, go ahead and reserve your username now. Just make sure that your username is an emoji.