EMI On YouTube

YouTube and EMI have apparently reached an agreement that will allow users to watch and/or listen to music from the EMI label on YouTube.  The story says that EMI could be getting some revenue every time their content appears in user-generated videos.  It's hard to guess what this might mean to EMI bottom line, but it could very well end up being a very good branding decision for them.
"YouTube has now inked deals with all four of the major music labels after signing an agreement with EMI today. EMI, which has been the first major to allow its catalog to be sold without DRM, is also the last of the labels to bring its content to YouTube. Now that the deal is in place, though, users can watch music videos from EMI artists and can incorporate EMI music into user-generated content."
Now that two big companies like EMI and Apple are doing projects with YouTube other companies are starting to look upon YouTube as the next big vehicle for their media instead of a threat to their profits.