Elon Musk’s Robotic “Snake” Charger Would Automatically Top Off Your Model S

Back in early October, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk promised to show us “The D”, and he delivered with the Model S P85D. That AWD electric sedan pumps out a healthy 691hp and an eye-popping 864 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels. The vehicle is fast enough to make the already quick Model S P85 look like a Prius in a drag race.

But Musk isn’t content with just advancing the ball when it comes to EVs, he’s also looking to change how we charge the vehicles as well. Musk took to Twitter this morning to describe the latest project that Tesla is working on:

It doesn’t surprise us to see Tesla is working to bring a device like this to the market; the company has already implemented 12 new sensors into the latest crop of Model S sedans which bring autonomous functionality including lane departure warnings; automatic steering, braking, and lane change capabilities; and in the future, the ability to self-park into your waiting garage.

model s photo gallery 02

When all of Tesla’s autonomous features come online (through future software updates), a driver could theoretically park his or her car in the driveway, walk through the front door, and allow a Model S (or Model X) drive itself into your garage. At that point, the “snake” charger would pull away from the wall, automatically pop open your vehicle’s charging door, and insert itself into the charging port to recharge your vehicle’s battery.

The next morning, your EV would back out of the driveway and be ready and waiting as you head out the front door to make your way to work. Color us impressed!