Elon Musk Promises Tesla Pickup Truck Inbound Following Model Y Launch

tesla pickup 1
Tesla seems to have a lot on its plate these days; the company is humming along with production of the Model S and Model X, while it is struggling to meet production targets for the entry-level Model 3. In addition, the company is taking deposits for its long-haul Semi, while its kickass second-generation Roadster is far along in development.

For a relatively small auto manufacturer like Tesla, that would be more than enough to keep busy for the foreseeable future. But Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants more. The overachieving Musk took to Twitter yesterday to inform fans that a Tesla pickup truck is on the way. Yes, you heard that right.

The pickup market is definitely a tough nut to crack, with Ford, General Motors and Fiat-Chrysler (RAM) dominating the full-size market. Companies like Toyota and Nissan are also-rans in this segment. In the mid-size segment, Toyota leads the way with Nissan and GM fielding entries as well.

tesla pickup 2

This badass rig would be in the full-size category, since Musk has compared it to the F-150. He added, however, that it "May be slightly bigger to account for a really gamechanging (I think) feature I’d like to add." We don't expect that the truck would arrive anytime this decade, as Musk explains that it will arrive after the Model Y. For those familiar with Tesla's roadmap, the Model Y is a crossover utility vehicle based on the Model 3 platform.

The Model Y is expected to debut sometime in 2020, which means that we should see the Tesla pickup arrive a few years after (if Tesla can keep its production schedule intact).