Elon Musk Claims That One AI Company In Particular Gives Him Skynet-Tinged Nightmares

It's been no secret that Tesla's Elon Musk is worried about advanced artificial intelligence getting into the wrong hands. He's even put his money where his mouth is with those concerns, and last year founded OpenAI, an organization with no competitive nature that aims to make sure AI benefits all of mankind.

Elon Musk

Being that Musk is so worried about AI finding its way into the wrong hands, many have been keen on knowing who or what company he's most concerned about. Well, at Code Conference 2016, he enlightened us. "There's only one." 

What could that singular cause for concern be? Unfortunately, we're not going to find out - at least not yet - as Musk simply refused to say a name. It's definitely within his rights to keep such information to himself, but it does mean that speculation is bound to run rampant. We're placing our bets on Facebook...

This statement wasn't the only interesting thing to come from Musk's mouth at the conference; far from it. With an answer to a later question, Musk says that the chances we're not in a simulation is "1 in billions".

Complementing this argument, he brings up the fact that Pong was invented forty years ago, and in the forty years since, technology has improved at an incredibly fast rate. He notes that even if the progression of technology (and AI in particular) advances at 1,000x slower than it is right now, that means in 10,000 years from now, we're going to be incredibly close to being able to create simulations that are indistinguishable from reality. 10,000 years is a long time, but it is virtually nothing on the evolutionary scale (the universe is believed to be 13.799 billion years old).

Now there's some food for thought.