Elgato EyeTV Netstream Sat Streams Freesat TV To Your Home Network

While North American definitely gets a lot of things first, it's lagging behind when it comes to content distribution at home. Japan has Blu-ray burners everywhere for burning content that see on television, and the UK's Freesat can be easily transferred between devices. Who knows if that functionality will ever come to America, but if you're in the United Kingdom, Elgato has a new device that'll make watching Freesat television a lot easier.

The EyeTV Netstream is a compact box that will enable users to stream Freesat satellite television to any PC on your home network, and even to your iPad via an EyeTV app. The box functions as a network tuner for DVB-S2 streams, and it makes things easy when looking to stream a single Freesat signal all over your house. Instead of distributing Internet as with a WLAN router, this new box streams live, over-the-air television.

Support has yet to come to the iPod touch or iPhone, but we have all ideas it's coming soon. The box will go on sale later in the month for £189.95, and the EyeTV app is another £2.99. Like we said, we can only hope this sort of technology comes to America.