Elgato Adds 3G Streaming To EyeTV iPhone App

This weekend has been chock full of iPad news, but there's a little bit of iPhone news to share this morning as well. Elgato's heralded EyeTV app has received an update, but this isn't just any update: it's probably the most important update a media streaming app could get. The latest version of EyeTV (1.0.2) now allows for streaming of live TV signals over Wi-Fi as well as 3G, the latter of which is brand new in this release.

Previously, the app only allowed users to watch TV on the go while near a Wi-Fi connection, which wasn't exactly practical except for when stopping in at an eatery or Starbucks. Once you hit the car, you were probably out of luck (without a MiFi or some such device). Now, those issues are gone, and the app itself has become a lot more compelling for holdouts. Speaking of which, it's available today from the App Store for just $4.99, so what are you waiting for? Streaming TV from just about everywhere awaits you...

EyeTV for iPhone – Live-Streaming Now Over Wi-Fi and 3G Connections

San Francisco, Calif. - (April 5, 2010) – The latest version 1.0.2 of Elgato’s EyeTV app enables streaming of live TV signals over Wi-Fi as well as 3G connections. Using the EyeTV app to watch TV on the road no longer requires a Wi-Fi connection. EyeTV for iPhone 1.0.2 is available from the App Store as a free update for existing customers.

Rich feature set, easy setup
Users who run EyeTV 3.3.3 and have a compatible TV tuner can enjoy live TV, watch EyeTV recordings, browse the comprehensive Program Guide and to start recordings on their Macs or schedule them for later. Setting up EyeTV for iPhone is easy: On a local Wi-Fi network no configuration is needed. For 3G or Wi-Fi connections to a remote Mac, Elgato offers “My Eye TV”, a free locator utility.
EyeTV for iPhone requires a Mac computer running EyeTV 3.3.3. Streaming TV requires an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. For sending the live signal over a 3G connection, Elgato recommends the Turbo.264 HD which enables “adaptive streaming” for the best picture possible under varying network speeds.
EyeTV for iPhone 1.0.2 is available from the App Store at a price of US $4.99/ CA $4.99/ 3,99 €/ £2.99/ AU$5.99/ NZ$ 6.49 and as a free update for existing EyeTV for iPhone customers. EyeTV 3.3.3 is available as a free update for EyeTV 3 users. EyeTV tuners are available at the Elgato Online Store (www.elgato.com), at Apple retail stores and from local Mac resellers.

About Elgato

Elgato produces award-winning TV software together with a complete range of TV tuners and capture devices to watch, record, and edit TV and HDTV on Macs and PCs. Elgato is the home of EyeTV, the world’s leading television solution for Mac computers. Elgato also produces a variety of world-class H.264 video conversion and streaming products. Elgato is privately held with offices in Munich, Germany and San Francisco, California.