Element5's Solar iPad Case Gets Some Sun-Lovin'

iPad case, anyone? How about one with a built-in solar panel? It's possible to have the both of those with Element5's newest product, the Mini L Solarbag. It's a Swiss-made case that'll hold your iPad, iPad 2 or any other iOS device with a Dock Connector. There's also a bit of room for accessories and peripherals, and there's a solar panel on the outside as well as a power connector on the inside that allows customers to juice up their gadgets with the sun, and then have that energy passed along to the device inside.

The company's not making it clear how much energy is being converted here, nor how long you'd need to keep it in the sun in order to make a real dent in helping out that battery, but it can be yours for around $400. Not cheap by any means, but being at the height of fashion never was an affordable thing.