Electronic Arts Readies 'Massive' Patch for Battlefield 3

We don't know if Electronics Arts' upcoming update for Battlefield 3 qualifies as the mother of all game patches, but it's certainly in contention for the update crown. EA said the update, which will roll out on June 4-5, is "a big one," an understatement of epic proportion, considering the multitude of tweaks, changes, enhancements, and fixes included within.

"The next Battlefield 3 update goes live June 4-5 on all formats. As usual, the period between the last update and this upcoming one has been spent listening to our community, tweaking parameters, balancing performance, and eliminating issues that we have found with your help," EA announced in a blog post. "In short, the June update will make sure Battlefield 3 plays even better."

One of the ways EA hopes to make BF3 play "even better" is by reducing the suppression effect, a hot topic since the last big update, in which EA cranked up the effect to the point where some players complained it was too much.

EA said it's dialing back the suppression effect in Battlefield 3.

In addition, there will be no more accidental team kills.

"Now, we are dialing the suppression effect back a notch. It will still be higher than it was prior to any of our patches," EA explains.

There will be changes to how servers are identified, vehicle related updates, soldier and gadget updates, weapons related changes, and over a dozen added and fixed features that fall under the 'miscellaneous' umbrella. All told, there are around 70 changes included in the patch.

 PC and Xbox 360 gamers around the globe will get first dibs starting on June 4th, as will PS3 users in all regions other than Japan/Asia, which will see the update rolled out a day later.