Electric Car Network Motors To Denmark

It seems that we Americans could learn a thing or two from Denmark. Not only are Danish citizens amongst the happiest in the world, but they're also amongst the most energy conscience. In a landmark deal announced today in Copenhagen, Better Place -- the same outfit responsible for planning an EV network in Hawaii -- has teamed with DONG Energy in order to begin deploying an electric car charging network in Denmark.

The €103 million ($135.7 million) deal outlines obligations for DONG Energy to "assist in the Better Place Denmark network rollout as well as be the preferred supplier of renewable energy to power the network." The goal may be lofty, but the two are hoping to enable "widespread adoption of mass-market vehicles by 2011." According to Anders Eldrup, CEO and President of DONG Energy: "Our goal in investing in Better Place Denmark is to help reduce CO2 emissions and increase the consumption of sustainable energy by capturing and leveraging wind power more efficiently."

As it stands, Denmark is already a relatively green nation. Even with access to oil reserves in the North Sea, it chooses to generate around 20 percent of its electric power from wind-generating utilities, and 7 percent of the total wind power created in the country is exported because of a lack of satisfactory storage options. Taking things one step further, the Danish government applies zero tax for zero emission vehicles while applying up to a 180 percent tax on petrol-based vehicles.

If you're curious as to where more of these tax-free cars will come from, the duo has also made clear that the
Renault-Nissan Alliance will "begin to commercialize a complete range of EVs especially adapted to Danish customer requirements."